FN’s Employment and Training

Summer Student Program

The MKO cquired funding from INAC for 30 Summer Students, 5 were placed at Mathias Colomb First Nation, 5 at Red Sucker Lake, 5 at Sayis Dene, 5 at South Indian Lake and 1 in Winnipeg Office.  The other 10 worked in Thompson and were placed at business’s and agencies in Thompson as well as at MKO.

Ten Summer Students and 6 Resource people participated on Land Based Training which included: Tour of Mine Sites from Rehabilitated Mines to Mines on Hold as well as Active Mines. Vale contributed the equipment they required for the Fossil Mining and Rock Identification. They also participated in Canoeing, Bannock Baking, Picking Medicines and Plant Identifications.

Students were given an orientation prior to going to their work placements.  They were given brief training on Communications, Team Work, Budgeting, Safety and Computer Basics.

Students were place in various work placements:  Recreation, Public Works, MKO Admin and other offices within MKO both in Winnipeg and Thompson, they were also placed at the Thompson Discovery Centre, Assisted with Awasis Day Camp and Tours, Thompson Museum and organized a Summer Day Camp for younger children.


Northern Construction Trades Training (NCTT)

Twenty-Six apprentices are currently are at various stages of their training in Construction Electricians, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Steamfitters/Pipefitters and Industrial Mechanics. They are placed at VALE, Smook Construction, Wescan, Keewatinew, Norman Regional Health Authority, Stacker Electric, Riel Station, Boss Auto, Unit Mechanical, CMV Electric, Town of Churchill, BBE and AMPs Service.

Staff attended the Cranberry Portage Career Fair and promoted the Northern Manitoba Job Fare, which took place at the TRCC. Employers received resumes and recruited people from the participants.

Tours included Keeyask with Employment Councillors also did tours at Cranberry Portage Technical School, Frontier Learners at Egg Lake, Kraft Paper, Swan River Tec School. Seven people were on the May tour.

In May, nine peopled took the Class 5 Train the Trainer training. Five were from our MKO Class 5 Ambassador Program, the second phase of this program is in June 2018.

There were eight Grads, from Class 1 Driver program. The students received their Emergency Red Cross/CPR, TDG and Class 1 with Air Brakes. Six already had job offers, and the other two had applications in at Keeyask and Hugh Munro Construction. One family showed up for support.  The communities represented were:  Grand Rapids, Nisichawayasihk, York Factory, Gods Lake Narrows, Norway House, and Thompson.

MKO staff assisted with the Young Women’s Conference in Thompson. There were 78 girls (grade 6) involving 5 schools in Thompson and 1 school from Nelson House.  They were able to meet the mentors at each station and ask questions and do hands on activities (carpentry, hair dressing, hydro, VALE, Thompson First Responders)

Eighteen students attended a one-week training Welders Camp during the first week of July.. The students were given safety orientation and briefing on how to work around welding equipment. They got to work hands on with a welder and made a small project to take home. There was no cost to the students, and lunches and snacks were provided for the week.  This event was sponsored by: CWB Welding Foundation, NMSC and Skills Manitoba.

Two of our NCTT students were excited to say they had received some type of National Safety Award at Keewatinew and that it will be on their profile.


First Nation Employment and Training

MKO staff met with Legacy Bowes Group to apply for a Canada Jobs Grant and Leadership Training that would benefit MKO Staff in:  Introduction to Indigenous Leadership Programs, and modules in:  Leadership, Goal Setting, Personal Productivity, Motivation, Coaching for Success, Communication and Building Relationships, Dealing with Performance Issues, Team Building and Synergy, Managing Stress, Leading Change and Enhancing Future Results.  The Proposal was submitted to the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant for this training.

Also attended the Look North Forum in Thompson and led the Indigenous Engagement and Partnership meeting, where models of success were identified and attendees discussed how to collaborate with other communities.  Other issues and concerns listed by participants were: Potential impact on land, consultations, benefit agreements, royalties, proposals, training and employment opportunities, cultural, heritage and Spirituality issues, local customary laws, water protection, traditional land use studies, consult with Metis Nation not just community councils, labour force agreements with 3rd party contractors, Resource Management Areas, trapping and fishing rights, medicine uses, peat moss, once destroyed cannot be replaced, some First Nations have their own land codes.  The JAG Committee will review all the recommendations and a report forwarded with recommendations to the Province. Other pillars were:  Northern Mineral and Other Resource Potential, Strategic Infrastructure Investment, Enterprise, Eco-System of Support, and Education, Training and Workforce Development and Housing Challenges and Opportunities.

MKO Staff participated in meeting with Thompson 2020 with NCN, NMSC, City of Thompson, Chamber of Commerce, and Manitoba Metis Federation.  Discussion on how to maintain 25 jobs at NorWest, and finding out the needs in Thompson and area for homes, marketing requirements, partnering with other agencies, funding, mini-homes, solar paneling in NCN, working with other countries on Ec. Dev Projects.

At a meeting of the Northern Association of Community Councils, MKO Staff provided information on the NCTT Program and met with several people interested in getting the Driver Training in their communities.  Some communities also expressed interest in partnering in projects that would create training or jobs for their community.

The MKO continues to participate in the Social Development Technical Advisors Committee of AMC, the Northern MB Mining Academy Board and the Thompson Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee.