Mobile Crisis Response Team: Annual Report for 2018-2019

The following report was prepared as part of MKO’s Annual Report for 2018-2019. You can read our entire report here.

Our Mobile Crisis Response Team provides holistic, culturally sensitive and safe crisis response trauma intervention to First Nations in Manitoba.


The following are a summary of the deployment statistics for our team between April 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019:

  • 154 deployments
  • 45 communities have requested support, including Thompson and Winnipeg
  • Southern deployments: 83
  • Northern deployments: 72

Deployment summary:

  • Continuum of care deployments: 31
  • Curriculum trainings: 17
  • Fire evacuation supports (large scale): 2
  • Information sharing opportunities (i.e.: resource tables): 9
  • MMIWG supports: 11
  • Prevention work, including workshops and crisis planning emergency meetings in community: 7
  • Red Cross support deployments: 15
  • Suicides: 18
  • Suicide attempts: 9
  • Tragic experiences: 24
  • Violent related, including homicides: 9

MKO was approached, and agreed, to coordinate the Mental Health Wellness Initiative for the Manitoba region. As part of the agreement, MKO received $10 million in funding over 3 years to create and manage a multi-faceted mental health enterprise. We used this funding to:

  • Create the MKO Mobile Crisis Response Team
  • Create three Wellness Teams in 2016/17 with three more Wellness Teams created over the following two years
  • Develop capacity in communities

Since its inception in March 2017 we have:

  • Started a recruitment and selection process to build a team consisting of 12 front-line staff, 1 deployment coordinator, and 1 program manager.
    The team is located in the two MKO offices, with seven team members in the Thompson office and five team members in the Winnipeg sub-office.
  • Since its inception, the Mobile Crisis Response Team has deployed to over 40 of the 63 First Nations in Manitoba.
  • On average, requests for service come in about 2.5 time per week.
  • Deployments occur for, but are not limited to, traumatic and tragic events such as death by suicide; death by homicide; accidental, unexplained, or unexpected deaths; multiple deaths; missing persons; violent assaults; fire evacuation; flooding evacuation; suicide attempts/threats; and natural disasters.

Future operations:

In January 2019, the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and MKO announced a renewal of funding for the Mental Health Wellness Initiative for the next fiscal year, ending in March 2020. There is no timeline for a sunset in operational funding for the Mental Health Wellness Initiative for the foreseeable future.

Our Thompson Mobile Crisis Response Team

Our Winnipeg Mobile Crisis Response Team