ASET Purpose

Access to proper health services continues to be an issue in Northern and remote communities. Issues relating to adequate health infrastructure and ability to access trained health practitioners continue to impact the health of individuals in MKO nations. In spite of these obstacles MKO staff continue to work diligently to work towards assisting with improving health services in our north.


The Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) supports 85 Aboriginal organizations throughout Canada that deliver skills training and support services to prepare First Nations, Metis and Inuit people to succeed in the workforce.  ASETS was launched in April 2010 with support of $1.6 billion of five years.  The three pillars that support the ASETS are: Demand-driven skills development; Partnerships; and Accountability for improved results.  The three pillars determine what kind of programs and expenses are eligible for ASETS funding.

MKO ASETS is one of 58 First Nation ASETS Holders and deliver of funds directly to 32 Sub-Agreement Holders (SAH’s); 3 of which deliver to 20 Sub-Sub-Agreement Holders (See MKO ASETS Organizational Chart).  The ASETS funding is delivered to 22 MKO First Nation communities, reaching a combined total of 62,328 through its SAH’s and Sub-SAH’s.