Rock the vote

Manitoba residents who are ages 18 and over have the opportunity to vote in the federal election this Fall. The election happens on Monday, October 21, 2019.

Grand Chief Garrison Settee is encouraging all Indigenous peoples in Manitoba who are eligible to vote to get out and vote! The process is simple and is your right. Your vote matters.A picture of Grand Chief Settee holding an eagle feather

We have many Indigenous peoples running for office across Canada. Grand Chief Settee commends all of those who take on this important role of representing and lifting up the voices of Indigenous peoples within Parliament in Ottawa.

MKO is providing the following information to you to help you learn more about what you need to do to vote.

Government of Canada election: October 21

This election determines who will become the Prime Minister of Canada and who will be your Member of Parliament (MP).

You can vote if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • 18 years of age on or before election day; and
  • registered to vote.

You can check if you are registered to vote on this page.

You must show ID to vote. For a list of accepted IDs, please see this page.

If you don’t have ID, you can have someone vouch for you. There is information about that here.

If you would like to find out which electoral division you are in, you can enter your address into a search engine on this page.

If you’d like to learn more about voting in the Canada election, we encourage you to visit and explore the Elections Canada website. It has plenty of information about how you can vote, rules around voting, and more.

Elections Canada also has a special page of information for Indigenous voters. You can find out some interesting information about Indigenous peoples and voting here.


Find out more about why Grand Chief Settee believes it is important to vote in the upcoming election: