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Thompson Core

Kelvin Lynxleg, Executive Director

Virginia Goulet, Assistant to Executive Director

Pat Godin, Reception

Shyanna Lynxleg, Thompson Urban Aboriginal Strategy Coordinator

Freda Lepine, First Nation’s Employment and Training Coordinator

Bernice Thorassie, Client Navigator

Duke Beardy, Traditional Healer Program

Jacquie Ogemow, Traditional Healer Benefits Program

Chris Baker, Lead Negotiator- Northern Authority

Hann Chong, IT Consultant

Kestin Fenner, SOS Coordinator




Agnes Dantouze, Finance Manager

Mary Bloomfield, Finance Assistant




Larry Flett, ISET Program Manager

Darina Beardy, ISET Program Coordinator

Maryssa Oniske, ISET Database and Office Administrator

Glenda Henderson, ISET Assistant

Stephanie Austin, ISET Finance Manager

Carolyn Peckford, ISET Child Care Coordinator

Hunter Beardy, ISET Youth Career Focus Leader


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Winnipeg Core

Clyde Flett- Assistant to Grand Chief

Karen Kejick- Intergovernmental Relations Analyst

Stewart Hill- Senior Research and Policy Analyst

Dorothy Smith- Executive Assistant

Jaiden Sandberg, Reception




Joanne Crate, CFS Liason Officer

Shirley Allarie, Child Welfare Policy Analyst

Katherine Campbell, Child Welfare Research Assistant

Mental Wellness

Theresa Yetman, Mental Wellness Manager

Theresa Garson, Mental Wellness Benefits Analyst


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Mobile Crisis Response Team

Justin Courchene, Mobile Crisis Response Team Coordinator

Leona Daniels, Mobile Crisis Response Team Coordinator Intake and Deployment

Miriam Campbell, Crisis Response Team Member

Mabel Cook, Crisis Response Team Member

Greg Fontaine, Crisis Response Team Member

Michelle Genaille, Crisis Response Team Member

Janet Head, Crisis Response Team Member

Theresa Henderson, Crisis Response Team Member

Gloria Kejick, Crisis Response Team Member

Trevor Sinclair, Crisis Response Team Member

Heidi Spence, Crisis Response Team Member

Trudy Stevenson, Crisis Response Team Member

Melissa Fiddler, Crisis Response Benefits Analyst


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Crisis in your community? Contact the MKO Mobile Crisis Intake Line:

[email protected]
1-844-927-LIFE (5433)

Clinical Care Transformation

Sharon McKay, CCT Program Manager

Moriah Davis, Health Policy Analyst

Karen Anderson, Community Engagement Coordinator

Brian Flamand, Administrative Coordinator

Kathleen North, Jordan’s Principle Clinical Liason


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Hilda Anderson-Pyrz, MMIWG Liason

Jenny Lay, MMIWG Liason Assistant


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MKO FNJS Program

Roy Smith, FNJS Program Manager -Thompson Based

Irene Young, FNJS Assistant Program Manager

FNJS Community Workers

Maggie Linklater, Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation

Tammy Weenusk, Bunibonibee Cree Nation

Roba Gott, Tataskweyak Cree Nation

Robert W. Ogemow, God’s Lake First Nation

Louise Denechezhe, Northlands Denesuline First Nation

Joseph Lloyd Daniels, Mathias Colomb Cree Nation

Carol Munroe, Misipawastik Cree Nation

John James Easter, Mosakahiken First Nation

Dora Kematch, Chemawawin Cree Nation

Edward Cook, Sapotaweyak Cree Nation

Adelaide Lathlin, Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Leonard Flett, Garden Hill First Nation

George Wood, Wasagamack First Nation


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