Staff at Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) have worked to address the racism experienced by Mr. Edwin Beardy at The Brick in Thompson, Manitoba earlier this year.

This advocacy work has produced results as detailed below.

ACTION #1: MKO advised staff at The Brick in Thompson to undergo cultural proficiency awareness training. MKO shared available training with The Brick and requested that confirmation be provided to MKO upon successful completion of the training.

Our expectation is that all new and future staff of The Brick store in Thompson also receive this training to ensure cultural awareness and a better understanding of Indigenous people.

RESULT: The Brick’s Thompson store has purchased the cultural training awareness package and staff are taking the training.

ACTION #2: MKO informed staff at The Brick’s Thompson store that the staff member who subjected Mr. Beardy to the racist actions should provide a formal apology in writing as well as in person to Mr. Beardy.

RESULT: The Brick Thompson store has complied and are awaiting a date to provide the letter and the personal apology to Mr. Beardy in person.

ACTION #3: MKO informed representatives of The Brick’s Thompson store to refund Mr. Edwin Beardy for the expenses (mileage) he incurred to travel to the store in recognition of the inconvenience he experienced.

RESULT: The Brick’s Thompson store has complied and are awaiting on an amount, date, and time to provide reimbursement to Mr. Edwin Beardy.

ACTION #4: MKO informed staff at The Brick’s Thompson store to make certain to instruct their staff on the appropriate circumstances for contacting law enforcement with an acknowledgement that this incident was not such a circumstance.

RESULT: The manager of The Brick’s Thompson store has briefed the staff on correct occurrences on when to call the RCMP.

ACTION #5: Upon request from Mr. Edwin Beardy and Mr. Larry Beardy, MKO has arranged a meeting with The Thompson Chamber of Commerce on April 14, 2022, at 12:00 pm.


Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak continues to advocate, maintain, strengthen, enhance, lobby for, and defend the interests and rights of First Nation citizens within its jurisdiction.

If you are an MKO citizen who needs assistance in responding to a racist incident, you can send us an email with details about your experience: [email protected].