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Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), with the support and guidance of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc. (MKO), is pleased to introduce the Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway, a fully-funded opportunity for Indigenous community members to learn to fly and build careers as professional pilots in Northern Manitoba.

Pathway members who successfully complete all the required training to become a commercial pilot will be awarded employment as pilots for one of EIC’s local air operators, including Perimeter Aviation, Calm Air, Keewatin Air, and MFC Training.

Pathway members will get to work directly with Atik ‘Tik’ Mason, the program’s namesake, who will mentor them from his own experience as an Indigenous pilot. Tik is also a flight instructor and members will have the chance to learn from him in the air.

Where is flight training held?

The Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway is holding MFC Training’s world-class flight training in Thompson, MB.

From May through September, Pathway members will take part in both in-air and on-ground Private Pilot flight training at the Thompson Municipal Airport (CYTH).

How long does flight training take?
On average, it takes flight students four months to complete Private Pilot training and earn a Private Pilot License. Commercial flight training takes another four months or so, which members can complete the following summer in Thompson. Multi-Engine and Instrument training also takes four months to complete, which takes place in Moncton, New Brunswick.

For those who wish to expedite their pathway to becoming a Commercial Pilot, members are welcome to relocate to MFC Training’s primary campus in Moncton, New Brunswick to continue training free of long breaks.

Where do members live while they are student pilots?

During their time as students, Pathway members are provided accommodations in Thompson at no cost. Members live in townhouse-style accommodations that are fully-furnished with all of the amenities needed to sleep, cook, and study in comfort. Members should expect to share a bedroom with another member of the same gender.

Application Criteria

Prior to applying to become a member of the Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway, please confirm that you are:

  • Of Canadian Indigenous descent
  • A minimum of 18 years old
  • In good physical health
  • A high school graduate with an official transcript or diploma
  • Hold government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, Certificate of Indian status, health card, etc.)
  • Have no criminal record
  • Fully-vaccinated against Covid-19, or are willing to become fully-vaccinated before flight training begins

Contact your local band office or Gina Spence at MKO ([email protected]) for assistance obtaining official documentation, if required.

Applications to become a member of the Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway will be accepted until Friday, May 6, 2022 to begin training by June.

How to Apply

Click here to complete an application form electronically or fill out the application form (on pages 5-6 of the linked document) and send a copy by email to [email protected].

Eligible applicants will participate in an interview with the Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway team (including Atik Mason) to ensure their suitability for the program.

The Government dictates that pilots must meet specific medical fitness requirements. In the last step of the selection process, applicants must complete a medical declaration form and participate in a medical exam performed by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner.

Do you have more questions to get answered prior to applying?

Reach out to the Pathway team directly at [email protected].