The Government of Canada announced $19 million in funding to support victims and survivors of human trafficking earlier this week. Two federal departments responsible for carrying out the government’s five-year National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking will administer the funds. The government is accepting applications for projects that work to prevent and address human trafficking and support survivors. The deadline to apply for this funding is September 4, 2020.

Eligible organizations for the funds include not-for-profits, Indigenous governments (including Band Councils, Tribal Councils, and self-government entities) and their agencies, Indigenous not-for-profit organizations (that represent First Nations, Inuit and/or Métis interests, and that are controlled by members of the population they serve), and municipalities and their agencies.

The funds are being distributed as follows:

  • Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE): $14 million
  • Public Safety Canada: $5 million

WAGE’s call for proposals will support organizations that work to prevent and address human trafficking to develop and implement promising practices to enhance empowerment supports for at-risk populations and survivors of human trafficking.

Public Safety Canada will support two initiatives:

  1. Projects that seek to empower victims and survivors of human trafficking through the provision of supports and services that are trauma-informed and culturally relevant
  2. Pilot projects to establish and test best practices to raise awareness of human trafficking among at-risk youth

Human trafficking is a vile, harmful crime that disproportionately impacts women and girls. The Government of Canada is working with domestic and international partners to combat human trafficking in all its forms. The pandemic has made it more difficult to keep vulnerable populations safe, and help victims escape situations of human trafficking and access the supports they need.