If you are interested in this opportunity, please email [email protected] with any questions you may have or to express that you would like to be considered for the Youth Advisory group.

A study called Cannabis Vaping Experiences and Decisions (CaVED) among Youth and Young Adults in Manitoba is seeking advisors.

The study, funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and supported by the Manitoba Lung Association and the provincial ministry, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, aims to assess youth and young adults’ decisions and experiences related to vaping cannabis products. The study has received ethical approval from the University of Manitoba’s Research Ethics Board #1.

MKO youth and young adults (aged 12-25 years) can apply to become a youth/young adult advisor to the study, which needs about 8-10 youth and young adults from a variety of backgrounds from across Manitoba who may or may not vape or use cannabis vaping products. They will be asked to provide their advice and recommendations on the study. This is a great opportunity for youth to understand and become involved in research and be a part of a study aimed at providing health and harm reduction education to youth and young adults in Manitoba. This can also be a great extracurricular opportunity to add to a resumé!

The role of a youth/young adult advisor includes:

  • Assisting the research team by reviewing study materials
  • Making suggestions about study procedures
  • Provide feedback on the study findings
  • Informing knowledge dissemination projects, such as videos, posters, and social media postings

The Youth Advisory committee would meet approximately once every two months. Members would need access to a phone or computer/tablet to join the committee meetings.

If there is anyone you know who may be interested in being a youth/young adult advisor to this study, please share the posters that are below.


Click the poster to open image page to print or download.


Click the poster to open image page to print or download.