MKO’s Mobile Crisis Response Team is pleased to offer art therapy to youth in First Nations across Manitoba. Earlier this week, our staff delivered a session at the school in Ebb and Flow First Nation.

“The students have tons of creativity and love the art therapy,” shared Gina Spence of MKO. “This is just one of the activities we did today, making gratitude marbles. One for themselves and one to gift to another person. Most picked their parents and grandparents! Lovely school and awesome youth and staff here!”

MKO thanks the Ebb and Flow First Nation for the invite to come to the school to do some art therapy. It was an honour for MKO staff to meet with the 120 students, teachers, and staff in the First Nation. We thank the school for being so accommodating and welcoming. The entire community welcomed our staff with big smiles! Students made dream catchers, gratitude rocks, and received cultural teachings.

Art therapy is a way to help lower risks and to promote healthy behaviours. It uses a person’s creative expressions to promote their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Art is a safe way to depict one’s personal experiences and emotions and it encourages positivity for personal coping mechanisms.

Sessions vary depending on group size. Sessions include the seven teachings and hands-on activities of youth (ages 12 and up) in a relaxed setting.

Contact Gina Spence to set up sessions in your First Nation by phone at 1-844-927-LIFE (5433) or by email at [email protected].

The image shows marbles children made for their parents