A shared vision between MKO and the City of Thompson on having the Every Child Matters crosswalk painted by the Thompson MKO office on September 29, 2022, in honour of the Indigenous children of the unmarked graves, that are to date estimated to hold the remains of thousands and many previously yet unaccounted for Indigenous children of Canada’s residential schools.

The Every Child Matters crosswalk was supported by Mayor Colleen Smook and City Manager Anthony McGinnis after several meetings with MKO Grand Chief Garrison Settee and MKO Urban Initiative Manager Shyanna Lynxleg.

The collaboration was achieved with Mayor Smook, Anthony McGinnis, and the Thompson City Council all showing up to lend a hand by assisting in painting the crosswalk.

The significance of the Every Child Matters crosswalk will be a constant visual reminder to all who see the crosswalk and walk on it daily that, “We will never forget, we will always remember, your lives mattered.”

Thank you to the MKO staff for their tireless efforts in prepping and finished up the painting:

Courtney Saunders
Brenda Wood
Bernice Thorassie & family
Numerous others who stopped by to lend a hand

Thank you Melvin Halkett for the aerial photos.

If you visit this special new crosswalk in Thompson, please feel free to email a picture of your visit to us: [email protected].