The We Matter team is excited announce the immediate launch of the Indigenous Youth Rise: COVID- 19 Support Fund. This is a unique grant that provides Indigenous youth in Canada ages 13 to 30 with up to $500 for online projects that will help support their peers during the pandemic. We Matter recognizes the mental health impacts encountered by In

We Matter #IndigenousYouthRise COVID-19 Support Fund Poster

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digenous youth, their families, and larger communities over the last few months. This new program will help to alleviate some of those effects by providing some tools and support that will help Indigenous youth shine as leaders in their community by promoting life, hope, culture, and strength.

Apply for funding by June 15, 2020.

You can download the following PDF documents here:

We Matter is an Indigenous-led and youth-centered organization and registered charity dedicated to Indigenous youth support, hope, and life promotion that operates nationally in Canada. Our mission is to communicate to Indigenous youth that they matter and create spaces of support for those going through a hard time while fostering unity and resiliency. This is done through our founding project, the We Matter Campaign which is a national multi-media campaign in which Indigenous role models and allies from across Canada submit short videos, written and artistic messages sharing their own experiences of overcoming hardships, and communicating with Indigenous youth that no matter how hopeless life can feel, there is always a way forward.