The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba is hosting a series of virtual events called “Agowiidiwinan (Treaties): Moving Forward Together” in November.

This is a four-part interactive webinar series with featured speakers as follows:

  • November 3: Dr. Elder Harry Bone and Elder Florence Paynter: “The Way Forward: The Original Spirit and Intent of Treaties”
  • November 10: Professor Aaron Mills (McGill University): “Kinship Across Worlds: Unpacking the Political Power of Family”
  • November 17: Professor Brenda Gunn (University of Manitoba): “What does UNDRIP mean for the Treaty Relationship?”
  • November 26: Treaty Commissioner Loretta Ross and professor Aaron Mills: “Treaty in Each Act: Living Differently Together”

Sessions take place from 7-8:30 pm Central Time.

To register:

Click this link to register for the sessions:

You can also register by emailing: [email protected]