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A Message from Chief Morris Beardy

A Covid-19 outbreak has been declared, affecting both Gillam and Bird. This is very serious and scary for us all. I also know how resilient and strong our community is, and how we can support each other through difficult times.

We are just at the start of this outbreak, and it has already impacted many families. It’s important that we continue to support each other and not spread rumours or stigmatize people that have come into contact with it or have tested positive. Earlier this week, I learned that I was one of the people to test positive for Covid-19. No one wants to get this virus or learn that they might have infected others.

I’m proud to hear that people are safely helping each other out, whether that may be picking up groceries or mail, or even just giving someone a phone call to see how they are doing and to help break the loneliness that isolation can bring. Letting people know we care and are thinking about them can be just as important as bringing supplies.

We are confident that working together, Fox Lake will make our way through this outbreak and work toward recovery, but it requires the support from all members. It is more important than ever that we all do our part to keep our most vulnerable safe. The best way you can do that is to simply:

Stay home  –  Ka-nu si pway-tay kee-ki ochi  –  ᑳᓇ ᓯᐯᐧᑌ ᑭᑭ ᐅᒋ

In closing, I want you to know that the families of Fox Lake Cree Nation are in my thoughts, and for those affected by this virus, I pray for your quick recovery.


Fox Lake Cree Nation Chief Morris Beardy




January 22, 2021

Chief and Council have been informed of and are reporting 34 active cases. The Provincial website lists 17 active cases. We know that the website takes more time to update. It’s important that members know the most up to date numbers to better
understand how serious the situation is. Therefore we are reporting:

  • 34 cases are still active
  • 9 people have recovered
  • 176 close contacts have been identified to date
  • # of affected households: 70 Gillam, 15 Bird, 3 Kettle Crescent

The Bird Reserve Remains Under Lockdown Until Further Notice

Fox Lake and Gillam Offices Are Closed.

Fox Lake Gaming Centre and Mile 349 – The Fox Lake Gaming Centre and Mile 349 are operating under reduced hours.

Fox Lake School and Gillam School Closed. Homework packages/remote learning are being provided to students.

Medical Appointments & Prescriptions – Bird residents may leave to go to essential medical appointments. Prescriptions can be picked up and delivered to the Fox Lake home office.

Groceries – The grocery shuttle service is on hold until further notice. Order pick up service will continue. Orders can be emailed to [email protected] or by phone at 204-652-2661 ext. 9.


Ekosi, Fox Lake Cree Nation Chief Morris Beardy, Councillor Sophie Lockhart, Councillor Dolly Peters