Traditional Healer Program

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Traditional Healer Program

MKO provides access to services for people who are eligible for Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for ceremonial healing needs. MKO helps people and communities connect with service providers who use traditional approaches. MKO ensures clients safe access to such services by determining a provider’s capacity and eligibility to provide such services.

MKO provides services to all NIHB eligible members living on and off reserve in Manitoba. MKO provides compensation to providers in a form and manner that is appropriate to their traditional roles. This may include consideration for ancillary costs (e.g. supplies) for services as required. MKO held engagement sessions for input into the transition of the Traditional Healer services with the Manitoba Nations and Tribal Councils. Feedback is being incorporated into the Transformation Final Plan. A communication strategy will be established to keep Manitoba First Nations informed of the program.

We receive funding from the First Nations & Inuit Health Branch for the Traditional Healer Program as part the transitioning of the NIHB. The overall goal of the Traditional Healer Program is to become part of an Indigenous Health Entity (Authority) for Manitoba First Nations & Inuit populations.

For more info call 1-800-442-0488 or 204-677-1600.


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  • Shyanna Lynxleg, Program Manager
  • Alyssa Cook, Administrative Assistant
  • Aileen Spence, Medical Transportation Coordinator
MKO Traditional Healer Program