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Tips for Starting

  1. Research – read articles, books, watch videos, join Facebook groups
  2. Get support though Manitoba Association of Home Schoolers and others who have done homeschooling before
  3. Review government of Manitoba website on homeschooling it has the one page form you must fill out, with frequently asked questions, sample forms, etc.
  4. Gather resources for specific subjects, online tools for the core subjects required (math, language arts, science and social stud ies) – resources can be free or purchased
  5. Make a flexible plan with consistency for children (most kids need about 30 minutes per grade level so grade 1 = 30 minutes a day)
  6. Get creative, now is the time to teach your kids what you want them to learn (values, spirituality/religion, life skills, hunting, food preparation, medicine picking)
  7. Communicate expectations and schedules with children and others involved in teaching (calendars, homeschool planner, etc).
  8. Have Fun, and explore children’s interests
  9. Maintain relationship with child is the most important
  10. Take good care of self

Tips for Transitioning Children to Homeschooling

  1. Take time for your children to rediscover their own love of learning
  2. Give yourself time to adjust homeschooling is a lifestyle change
  3. Maintain existing friendships from school online
  4. Customize the education to meet the needs and interests of your child
  5. Do not feel like you have to replicate a school classroom in your home learning can happen anywhere

Tips for Balancing Work with Homeschooling

  1. Connect with others
  2. Share resources, develop online supports for you and your child
  3. Readjust schedules until you find one that works
  4. Seek help of others who can teach your child specific subjects

You are your child’s first teacher! You are capable of teaching your child and taking responsibility for their education and health!