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Credit for this post goes to Dr. Sabina Ijaz.


In the event that you become sick with COVID, or someone within your community does, it is good to have a plan.

Staying home

  • Connect with someone who can drop off groceries or other necessities you might need at that time.

If you have family

  • In the home, you will need to physical distance from them.
    • Use a different bathroom if you can and if you cannot, make a plan
    • Do not share sheets and towels.
    • Everyone wear a mask.
    • Wash hands every hour or after touching common surfaces.
    • Keep cleaning the home.
    • Do not hug and kiss other family members.
  • If you are able to, stay in a hotel or somewhere isolated.

If you have a child/children

  • Find a friend (or some friends) or family that you can call on for backup that agree in advance to take care of your children. All the above precautions would apply.

If a community member tests positive for COVID

  • Have a community plan on you can do to help each other if that time came. Some areas to think about:
    • Are there any of us who would be willing to host children of affected family members?
    • Anyone willing to cook for those with covid and leave a meal at the door?
    • Are you willing to pick up and deliver groceries or necessities to those with covid in our community?
    • Is there any way you could contribute if the time came?