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Logistics Support Leader

Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway
Thompson, MB – Term Position: May 30 – September 30, 2022 

Company: Exchange Income Corporation (EIC)
Title: Logistics Support Leader
Reports to: Director of Aviation Programs, EIC
Expected term: May 30 – September 30, 2022

The role of the Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway Logistics Support Leader is designed to offer Pathway members logistical support in order to facilitate their success. By living in Pilot Pathway accommodations alongside program members throughout their term of employment, the Logistics Leader will be a primary responsibility and accountability figure for members outside of flight training. This leader will help to maintain a comfortable, secure, and community-focused living environment for members, and will assist with transportation to and from flight training or related activities. This individual must be highly organized, responsible, and comfortable managing households.

Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Accountability support
    • Assuming a leadership role of Pathway members outside of flight training by modeling responsible behavior, accountability, empathy, and respect
    • Ensuring that Pathway members adhere to ‘house rules’ and conduct rules set forth by EIC or MFC Training
    • Monitoring and guiding Pathway member behavior and attitudes, including attendance, and proving feedback to EIC as requested
  2. Logistical support
    • Managing member transportation, including driving members to and from flight training or related activities as needed
    • Managing household food and supplies inventory for both accommodations units, including purchasing and distributing groceries and supplies within a budget set by EIC
    • Preparing, or helping to prepare, family-style meals multiple times per week
    • Assisting with and educating Pathway members on household responsibilities that they may not be familiar with (laundry, etc.)
    • Completing outdoor maintenance duties as required (cutting the grass, etc.)

To assume the responsibilities set forth for the Cultural Support Leader, he/she will be required to live within the townhouse-style accommodations provided for Pathway members for the expected employment term. The Cultural leader will be provided his/her own private bedroom with television.

Please express interest in this position by contacting [email protected].