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Manitoba First Nations COVID-19 Pandemic Response Coordination Team (PRCT) Daily Bulletin

Date: November 5, 2020


This summary report is intended to provide daily high-level analysis of COVID-19 testing and disease in First Nations people living in Manitoba.

The 5 day test positivity rate:

  • On Reserve- 11%
  • Off Reserve- 10%
  • Total FN- 11%
  • Total overall MB population- 9%

Total FN cases overall:

  • On Reserve- 471
  • Off Reserve- 611*
  • Total FN- 1082*

*Please note that 1 case was removed from yesterday’s report

Percentage (%) FN Total of overall Manitoba population:

  • New Cases-19%
  • Active Cases- 20%
  • Recovered Cases- 9%
  • Total Cases-15%
  • Current Hospitalizations- 26%
  • ICU Patients- 69%
  • Total Deaths- 8%
  • Daily Tests- 13%
  • Total Tests- 12%

For the purposes of this report, First Nations people are identified through a variety of mechanisms. This is because not any one method generates a complete list of the First Nations population in Manitoba. The mechanisms used are:

  • PHINs of cases and tested individuals are matched up to Status First Nations in the Indian Status Registry – ISR. This list is current as of October 2017 only.
  • Self-report in the course of the COVID case investigation.
  • Manual review of familial linkages identified in the course of COVID case investigations. Linkages are made by reported relationships, shared last names or addresses, and only counts horizontal- sibling – or downward – offspring – linkages.