Members of the Marcel Colomb First Nation were forced to leave their communities on Wednesday, July 24 due to wildfires. Around 140 individuals from the First Nation in northwestern Manitoba are now staying in a hotel in Thompson. MKO is sharing any updates we receive, you can find all updates on our Facebook page.

The Canadian Red Cross has provided this update on the situation on Thursday, July 25. The Red Cross is providing lodging, food, and other necessary support for people who have been evacuated from their homes.

Due to the proximity of wildfires to the community, residents of Marcel Colomb drove themselves yesterday to the neighbouring communities of Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids. At 7:45 pm on Wednesday, the federal government activated the Canadian Red Cross to support the evacuation of the Marcel Columb First Nation.

The Red Cross team in Thompson provided bus transportation for people who needed a ride to Thompson. Other evacuees drove themselves to Thompson. Most of the evacuees arrived in Thompson, more than 300 kilometres southeast of Marcel Colomb First Nation, very early this morning on July 25.

Some people who stayed either in the community or in Lynn Lake overnight may self-evacuate to Thompson later today. It is not known at this time how long the evacuees will be out of the community.

The response is part of an agreement between the Canadian Red Cross and the federal government to provide all disaster assistance to First Nations in Manitoba.

The Canadian Red Cross has a team of trained volunteers and staff who have the skills and resources to support evacuees in communities throughout Manitoba, however, we always need more caring and dedicated individuals who want to help people in need. Anyone who wants to volunteer to help with disasters can email [email protected] or call 1-844-818-2155.

Since Red Cross disaster assistance to First Nations is supported by the federal government, the expenses for the response are covered. Anyone wishing to make a donation to help the Red Cross prepare to assist Manitobans impacted by future disasters can go to or call 1-800-418-1111.

The Red Cross does not accept donations of any items as it does not have the capacity and resources to handle and store goods. Anyone looking to donate items is asked to reach out to community groups in their area and not to take them to where evacuees are staying.