We have posted a report called Mental Wellness Teams Comprehensive Needs Assessment: Validation of Findings Based on Key Informant Interview and Focus Groups.

Throughout this comprehensive needs assessment, Mental Wellness Teams thoughtfully expressed a range of realistic needs which reflect their unique service requirements based on:

  • gaps in the mental health system and policy environment;
  • the level of under-serviced community circumstances coupled with high service needs due to the multi-generational impacts of colonialism on metal well-being;
  • rural and isolated geography with vast catchment areas;
  • governance models and their stage of development; and
  • strengths and cultural assets.

Mobile Wellness Teams provide services in a complex and high needs environment, where there is generally little access to appropriate mental wellness services for First Nations people and where highly qualified mental wellness workers and professionals are urgently needed to support multi-generational healing. Compounding this situation, such workers and professionals are in short supply and are difficult to attract and retain.

You can access the full report in PDF format by clicking here.