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To help them prepare:

  • Get into a routine before school starts with the same sleep times and meal times.
  • Listen to your child’s concerns. Let them express themselves and share their feelings without judgement.
  • Develop a plan to help prepare for school, this includes coping, anxiety and other things that might come up.
  • If the child is younger, start taking them around the school to play, to get used to their surroundings.
  • Together with your child, pack a school bag and include a comfort item like a piece of clothing or medicine pouch.
  • Have them practice physical distancing if they go out in public and explain what this means and why it is done.
  • Get into a routine of washing and sanitizing hands.You might want to send a small sanitizer with them, if allowed.
  • Prepare them for restrictions with being in close contact with friends.
  • Make them aware of the surfaces they touch and also touching their face.
  • If they need to wear a mask, have them practice at home and when out in public.

Understand your child might:

  • Feel anxious.
  • Feel worried about their teacher, their friends, their clothing, how it will be at school.
  • They might be unsure- with new measures in place.

As a parent here are some steps that you can take to help prepare with the new changes:

  • Become familiar with changes made at your child’s school.
  • Understand what is expected of students and families.
  • Research what the school’s upcoming and long term plans are in regards to COVID.
  • Have a plan in case your child will need to come home or stay home.