Pictured: Leonard “Andrew” Bland.

Leonard Bland (also known as “Andrew”), age 26, was last seen in Thompson, Manitoba on March 7, 2022.

His family continues to search for him. On June 4, 2022, Grand Chief Garrison Settee met with Lenard’s grandparents along with Chief Hubert Watt and Councillor Philip Kanabee.

“The family of Leonard Bland is facing a tragedy as a family. They need closure. Please keep them in your prayers as the search for Leonard continues in Thompson.

I commend the heroic efforts of all as the recovery search continues. It was good to see people from Cross Lake helping with the search today as well as the divers from Island Lake.

MKO continues to stand with Chief Watt, the family of Leonard Bland, and the community of God’s Lake during your ongoing time of sorrow and need.”

~Grand Chief Garrison Settee


Photos below of a search effort, in search of Leonard Bland.