Welcome to the MKO Harvester Program

What is the Harvester Program?

The Harvesters support grant launched in April 2020 to support hunting, harvesting and food sharing in isolated Northern communities.

The HSG promotes self-determination by supporting community priorities. Since the launch of the program communities have been able to actively involve and support all community members through training, sharing, traditional foods and community harvests.

The Program also ensures that vulnerable groups have access to traditional food and supports the restoration of traditional knowledge and practices.

The HSG funding is creating a pathway for future generations to have access to their traditional knowledge and teaching.

Harvester Program Communities

Currently we have ten communities that are part of the Harvester Program.

Barren Lands
First Nation

Cree Nation

God’s Lake
First Nation

Manto Sipi
Cree Nation

Marcel Colomb
First Nation

Mathias Colomb
Cree Nation

Northlands Denesuline
First Nation

Sayisi Dene
First Nation

First Nation

York Factory
First Nation

“People share their catch and wild game. People also share their traditional medicines and gathered berries.”

In keeping with tradition, MKO supports elders in teaching the youth how to harvest and preserve food, gather medicines and berries, and to share oral stories. The funding has helped teach the youth how to hunt, fish and prepare wild food. Communities have been provided with harvesting equipment, fuel, kitchen supplies, vehicle rentals, chartered planes, and anything else that they need to go out on the land.

MKO’s harvesters’ program will work to support the development and delivery of the following in community programs.

Feed you!

Individual Harvesters will be eligible on the condition that any of the harvest that is surplus to the needs of their immediate and/or extended family be contributed to community freezers. These harvesters must demonstrate that they are authorized to harvest on treaty lands through their membership or Hunting & Fishing Associations and will apply for funding directly to MKO.

Feed the Community!

Hunt Program will be funded and assisted through community hunting & fishing associations, organizations and groups interested in participating in community hunts where a portion of the harvest is contributed to local community elders, children, single mothers, and families requiring assistance in keeping with tradition.

Businesses will not be eligible to receive funding under this program. Funding amounts will be based on community population, nature of hunt or harvest such as fishing, berry picking, medicine picking, and number of harvesters involved in each.

Teach the Young Ones!

Youth/Young Adult Harvester Program will be enabled through the MKO and supported in the communities through access to training, elder council and engage in knowledge and tradition sharing with the goal of restoring the status of traditional harvesting in communities, to restore knowledge, and to ensure that youth are encouraged to engage in harvesting in a manner that recognizes the importance and sacred nature of our relationship to the land and mother earth.

Relationship with Nutrition North Canada & Food Banks Canada

MKO has developed close working relationships with Nutrition North Canada and Food Banks Canada which allowed for the effective communication about the Grant and the sharing of ideas to make it work better for all community members. Through this collaboration, MKO continues to explore ways to achieve autonomy and the self-sufficiency of First Nations in its region.

Nutrition North Canada

Randy Jenkins, Nutrition North
Phone Number: 1-819-934-1212
Email: [email protected]
Website: nutritionnorthcanada.gc.ca

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