The Manitoba government is accepting nominations for the first permanent board of directors for Shared Health, which will be officially formed this spring.

The province is looking for a diverse group of Manitobans with a range of skills, experiences, and backgrounds to guide Shared Health in the years ahead.

The board will help promote Shared Health’s mandate to protect the most vulnerable populations and create a healthy, thriving Manitoba now and into the future.

If you are passionate about health care, please consider completing a nomination form for the board of directors.

For more information or to view the nomination form, visit:


In total, 11 people will be appointed to the board, which is responsible for the mandate, resources, and performance of Shared Health. The board must also ensure the organization complies with applicable legislation, regulations, and provincial policies that govern the health-care system.

Directors are to represent the diversity of Manitoba’s population and have a broad cross-section of skills, interests, experience, and expertise. They should also have a strong sense of commitment to achieving the provincial vision of healthy Manitobans through prevention and care.

The deadline to apply is Monday, January 31, 2022. The new board will be put in place before March 31, 2022.

Directors will be appointed to staggered terms of one, two, or three years to promote healthy turnover while ensuring board stability. If they wish to seek reappointment, directors will be able to serve for a maximum of six consecutive years.

Employees and medical staff of Shared Health are not eligible to apply, along with employees, medical staff, or board members of affiliated organizations.