To view the Transport Canada Call for Proposals Letter in a PDF form, please click here.


Transport Canada is launching the phase two of its Minor Works Order consultation, following the comments received last summer during phase one consultations.

On August 28, 2019, the Minister of Transport announced the coming into force of the Canadian Navigable Waters Act, to restore and better protect the right to move freely on Canada’s navigable waters.

Please refer to the Let’s Talk Navigation page to access the discussion paper on the Minor Works Order, and instructions on how to participate and provide your feedback. The discussion paper:

  1. explains the process used to identify the types of work considered to be likely to slightly interfere with navigation; and
  2. explains the proposed requirements and conditions that would apply for each type of minor work, and seeks feedback.

Transport Canada is requesting that feedback on the discussion paper be provided by October 6, 2020. Transport Canada understands that Indigenous communities and organizations may require additional flexibility or time to gather views and provide input due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss any concerns and alternative arrangements that may be required or if an online/virtual presentation on the Minor Works Order is required.

Transport Canada is seeking applications from Indigenous groups for capacity funding to support their involvement in the review of the proposed updates to the Minor Works Order, established under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

Transport Canada will accept funding applications from eligible groups until September 21, 2020. Following that date, applicants will be advised of funding decisions in a timely manner. Submit application forms or any questions to Transport Canada at the Indigenous Participation Funding Program [email protected]. You must demonstrate, in your application, how you meet the Eligible Recipient’s criteria.

Eligible groups include:

  • Indigenous governments, Tribal Councils and other forms of regional government, nationally or regionally representative Indigenous organizations, and/or Indigenous development corporations
  • Indigenous communities, Bands, and settlements
  • District Councils, Chiefs’ Councils, and Tribal Councils; Indigenous associations, organizations, and societies
  • Indigenous commissions, Councils, authorities, and boards
  • Indigenous economic institutions, organizations, corporations, and co-operatives
  • Partnerships or aggregations of Indigenous groups

Transport Canada looks forward to and appreciates your involvement in this important regulatory initiative.


To find the Applicant’s Guide for the Indigenous Participant Funding Program (IPFP), please click here.

To find the Application for the Indigenous Participant Funding Program (IPFP), please click here.