NOTE: A previous version of this web page incorrectly stated that the public health orders restricting travel would be going into effect on Thursday, September 3. The page has since been updated to display the correct information.


On Friday, September 4, the Province of Manitoba will put travel restrictions in place that will impact travel to Northern Manitoba above the 53rd parallel. This restriction is meant to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. MKO is awaiting a copy of the final public health order, which will share all details on the travel restriction.

For now, MKO is aware of the following exemptions to the travel restrictions:

  • People who live in Northern Manitoba or plan to move there
  • People who travel to lodges or campgrounds directly, including travel directly to Churchill
  • Government or Crown corporation workers, or those who work for a government or child and family services agency
  • Health-care providers
  • Those travelling for emergency health reasons
  • People who own or operate businesses and travel to provide goods, services, or operate that business
  • Travel related to parenting arrangements

Travellers are being asked to respect any restrictions MKO First Nations have put in place.

MKO will share more information about travel restrictions as they become available.

Note: The following map shows where the 53rd parallel is located in Manitoba.

The map indicates were the 53rd parallel is located. This map of Manitoba comes from the University of Manitoba’s website.