The MKO Mobile Crisis Response Team is a grassroots team of Natural Helpers. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to crisis response, each member brings unique gifts to our First Nations in Manitoba.


Since May 2017, the Crisis Response Team has a mandate to respond to all 63 First Nations in Manitoba. The Crisis Teams offer critical incident debriefing, crisis counselling, safety assessment and planning, and linkage to aftercare or ongoing mental health support. From the safety and comfort of your home in your First Nation, the Crisis Team will help you stabilize your crisis.


Although each crisis is unique and presents many different pathways for healing, our Crisis Team is creative, flexible, and professional. As we are all aware, we are currently observing a global pandemic. In an effort to maintain commitments to provide supports service to First Nations in Manitoba, the Crisis Team are taking extra precautions.

  • Support services are still available from the Crisis Team. Incoming requests for supports are triaged and responded to with appropriate level of service while observing physical and social distancing.
  • The Crisis Team are utilizing over the phone supports, video conferencing, Telehealth, or other platforms at this time.
  • Aftercare visits and follow-ups will continue, with safety measures in place.
  • At this unprecedented time, we continue to provide supports services for the interim on a limited basis. If your First Nation permits the access to services, the Crisis Team may attend your crisis in person.


You can reach out to the team by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-844-927-LIFE (5433).


The Crisis Team are everyday loving people who dedicate the very best of themselves while they walk with you during your Crisis. The Crisis Team will do everything they can to help. We wish everyone all the best; support one another and most of all stay safe.


For more information, please visit our Mobile Crisis page (link to