Consultation, cooperation, and engagement on an action plan to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act

Funding is now available to Indigenous peoples and their governments and organizations, through a call for proposals, to support their participation in the consultation, cooperation, and engagement process. This includes funding to support Indigenous-led consultations on action plan measures, including:

  • measures to ensure the consistency of federal laws with the Declaration, and
  • annual reporting on progress.

The deadline to submit a proposal is February 18, 2022.

Through the consultation, cooperation, and engagement process, Indigenous peoples, groups, and organizations will have the opportunity to share their views and priorities for the implementation of the Act through a variety of avenues and methods over the coming months.

The outcome of this collaborative work will help advance reconciliation and strengthen Nation-to-Nation, Inuit-Crown, government-to-government relationships with Indigenous peoples based on the affirmation of rights, respect, cooperation, and partnership. Advancing this joint work is a key part of our collective efforts to address the legacies of colonialism, violence, systemic racism, and discrimination faced by Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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