As part of Keewatinohk Inniniw Minoayawin (KIM)’s comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the organization has developed several communications to address vaccine hesitancy. The goal has been to create messaging that is evidence-based, culturally relevant, and relatable in both Indigenous representation and language, through animation, radio, testimonials, and social media.

KIM COVID-19 vaccination communications promote and educate First Nations people on COVID-19 vaccines through a meaningful connection in hope to:

~gain First Nation citizen’s trust in local health experts; and

~influence behaviour so First Nations people can make informed decisions on whether they will be vaccinated.

KIM has developed the following promotional assets:

  • Hope is Stronger Than Fear: 60-second animated public service announcement (PSA)
    This video launched on social media on March 1 and will air provincially on CTV starting March 4. It will air nationally on APTN as of March 8.
  • Radio PSA: 30-second PSA that has been airing on NCI FM and all Arctic Radio stations since February 5
  • Social media: KIM always wants to have messaging FOR First Nations BY First Nations. KIM developed the:
    • COVID-19 vaccine testimonial campaign includes messages from leaders, health experts, and prominent influencers showing their support in the COVID-19 vaccine. Posters were created for the Winnipeg pop-up vaccination site.
    • Various posts address fraudulent sales of COVID-19 vaccines; MKO weekly virtual press conferences which provide COVID-19 updates; videos that show what happens before, during, and after your COVID-19 vaccination; and messaging throughout that supports the key words: Trust. Protect. Hope. Love. Life. Along with consistent statements such as, “We are all about community. Do what you can to protect the ones you love.”
  • Print publications – KIM is developing various infographics and ads for northern publications including The Thompson Citizen, Nickel Belt, and Grassroots News & Views.

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COVID-19 vaccine testimonial posters:
Feel free to print or save the following images to help promote uptake of the COVID-19 vaccines in your community.