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The following information was shared with MKO by the LINKS Institute.


The LINKS Institute, in partnership with the Native Clan Organization is offering a Mental Wellness & Harm Reduction Worker Diploma Program.

What is it?

The Mental Wellness & Harm Reduction Worker Diploma program prepares students to work in roles in community and social service settings. This includes mental health worker, addictions worker, shelter worker, and more.

This program consists of 12 individual courses, and a 6-week practicum. The courses will be delivered in a hybrid manner: students attend the classroom and participate in live courses with an instructor who is online and projected into the conference room.

Why are you doing this?

In Winnipeg, and Manitoba, there is a desperate need for Indigenous helpers who hold a credential. The Mental Wellness & Harm Reduction Worker Diploma allows students to attain this more quickly than in traditional education settings. The Native Clan Organization and LINKS Institute are committed to offering a high-quality educational program that is culturally safe and supportive.

Do I need a satisfactory criminal record or child abuse registry check?

Students do not require a satisfactory criminal record or child abuse registry check to be admitted as a student of LINKS Institute. However, students should be aware that practicum placement sites will require a criminal record and child abuse registry check, and it is the practicum site’s decision as to which students they accept.

You do not need to complete your checks until closer to practicum which is at the end of the program. Part of the reason The Native Clan Organization and LINKS are partnering, is to possibly assist students who have had contact with western justice systems to complete practicums with Indigenous Justice groups who may be able to accept prior contact with western justice systems.

When and where is it?

April 18th to November 9th, 2023, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 8:30am to 2:30pm. This time is to be confirmed.

Classes will be held at the Native Clan Organization’s Community Program Space located at Unit 110, 420 Logan Avenue, in Winnipeg.

What does it include?

As part of a partnership with The Native Clan Organization, students who are in need of
transport to and from class will receive assistance for Winnipeg Transit tickets. All students will
be offered breakfast and lunch. Elder/Knowledge Keeper support will be integrated into the
program. Finally, students who wish to, will participate in ceremonies and a graduation.

What does it cost?

Please request the tuition list, and textbook list. There is a one-time registration fee, and a
small fee to the province of Manitoba.

The education aspect of this program is offered by LINKS Institute, which is a registered private
vocational institution in Manitoba. LINKS is regulated by the Manitoba government; Ministry of Advanced Education and Training. As a regulated school, LINKS Programs are eligible for
Manitoba Student Aid, and Government of Manitoba Workforce Training & Employment
Assistance. LINKS Institute partners with First Nation Communities and groups who have
sponsored their members to attend. Finally, LINKS Institute can make flexible payment plans for students, for whom these other options are not feasible.

What equipment will I need?

While a laptop or home computer is not mandatory, you may consider one if this is your
preferred way of making notes or studying at home. Additionally, if you miss a class, you will be able to watch the recording.