Click here to read updates from the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program for June 2022.

There are updates related to:

  • Pharmacy benefit information
    • New pharmacy benefit listings
    • Increased coverage for Champix and Zyban
    • Eligible nutrition products recommended by dietitians
  • Medical supplies and equipment information
    • COVID-19 temporary policy changes: update
    • Coverage of oral digital thermometers
    • Requests for supplemental home oxygen
    • Coverage of tele-audiology
    • Expanded eligibility for hearing aids
    • Coverage changes for eye prosthesis
  • Dental benefit information
    • Understanding your dental predetermination letter
  • General program information
    • Client mailing address:

To receive important mail from NIHB, such as predetermination letters or client reimbursement cheques, your mailing address must be up to date:

  • if you have an NIHB client web account through Express Scripts Canada, you can update the address in your profile
  • if you do not have a client web account, call Express Scripts Canada at 1-888-441-4777 to update your mailing address

If you have questions about the NIHB Program, please email: [email protected].