Yesterday, Grand Chief Garrison Settee toured the Northern Spirit Manor, the 35-bed personal care home located at 879 Thompson Drive in Thompson, Manitoba.

Grand Chief Settee and MKO staff members Kevin Carlson, Shyanna Lynxleg, Pierre Sinclair, and Conroy Halcrow gifted shawls, personal items, and candy bags to the residents.

The elders and staff were incredibly happy as Grand Chief Settee sang songs and played the guitar- hands were clapping and feet were tapping! The staff informed us the elderly hadn’t smiled like that in a long time, as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The MKO staff toured the facility and were impressed with the respectful care the elders receive. From the smudging room to the shared pets (3 cats and 1 rabbit), and all of the personal touches each resident had in their rooms, the Northern Spirit Manor was truly a home away from home.