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Memo from Grand Chief Garrison Settee to the MKO Chiefs, Councillors and Health Directors. 

March 26, 2021


Earlier today, MKO was advised by the Province of Manitoba of changes to the COVID-19 Vaxport:

  • With COVID-19 vaccine rollout well underway to MKO First Nations and throughout the north, the Province of Manitoba has made the decision to conclude the use of Vaxport as a central hub for providing immunizations.
  • First Nations and northern communities that participated in the Vaxport pilot will be scheduled for second dose immunization appointments within the coming weeks, out of the Thompson supersite. Appointments will follow the same transportation pattern as first appointments. All pilot communities will have completed second-dose appointments by mid-April.
  • Manitoba has applied the lessons learned from the Vaxport pilot to make the site a ‘gateway to the north.’ The Thompson Regional Airport hanger will be used as a launching point to marshal and deploy Focused Immunization Teams to administer vaccine in communities across the north.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces will utilize Vaxport as an operations centre for the north, supporting their work with First Nation communities in vaccine surge support and COVID-19 outbreak deployment.
  • Vaxport will also serve as a valuable back-up site to the Thompson supersite location (TRCC), if needed. This is especially important in the north given travel and weather considerations.

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